Tyler + Sophia

I had the most wonderful time getting know and watch this brother and sister, Tyler and Sophia Sunday afternoon. Tyler was so adorable and told me how he is in gymnastics and has been cheering! Sophia started out not at all into this photoshoot but in the end owned the water. They are super fun and precious and I am so glad I got to meet them!TYLER_AND_SOPHIA-52 copyTYLER_AND_SOPHIA-57 copyTYLER_AND_SOPHIA-54 copyTYLER_AND_SOPHIA-13 copyTYLER_AND_SOPHIA-5 copy


Meet the Nunnallys

They have been married for 55 years and met in their school days!  They were incredibly precious to work with and I adored getting to meet and talk to them.  I can only hope my husband and I get to celebrate that long together.  How wonderfully lucky are they to have each other?SNEEK3SNEEK4SNEEK2SNEEK1

Editing old photos

Lately I have come into my own with a new editing style that speaks to me on a new level.  I went through old photos and re-edited them to my new style.  I picked some of my favorites and I decided to share them!reedit-3reedit-2reedit-4 copyreedit-8reedit-9reedit-10