Pay What You Can Minis!

I had a super successful event where I allowed my precious clients to pay whatever they wanted or could and the photos all turned out so amazing!  So happy I could do that for everyone who has supported me.CAVERLY-20LOVELL-13MCAVOY-7

Virginia Family Trip

Last week my Granny passed away and it was very hard to go through.  We had already planned to see my brother and his family but I didn’t realize how badly we all needed to be with each other in a happy setting until we got there.  My mom got to go with us also because she is going through the hardest times.  I cannot imagine losing my mother so I know she needed this probably more than we did.

We had a wonderful time and Charlie loved playing with the boys and riding in “Jill’s Car”.  He woke up the day we got home and said “See Jill?” It made me sad because he couldn’t but I am so glad that he got so much fun time with them!

Vacation Video

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Happy June!


lifestyle june-5.JPGMy husband and I had an off day together.  We had a great family day and I decieded we should try to take a family photo in front of my favorite tree before the blossoms go away.  The struggle was too real so this is what I ended up getting.  Normally I would never send this type of shot off to a client but I know my limits with an over tired kid and I am my own client in this situation,  Either way, This is us at 2 years and 4 months.  Potty training and struggle bussing. 🙂