Michael is one!

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Parker Creek Sessions

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Parker and my son have been in the same daycare class since day 1 and I have loved watching them grow together.  Charlie calls him Parki.  Sweet Parker was fed up with the water and just wanted to go relax.  I really love how this gives an honest depiction of having a toddler in their 2’s.  I wouldn’t change these days for the world.

Pay What You Can Minis!

I had a super successful event where I allowed my precious clients to pay whatever they wanted or could and the photos all turned out so amazing!  So happy I could do that for everyone who has supported me.CAVERLY-20LOVELL-13MCAVOY-7

Pay What You Can Minis

I decided to run a “Pay What You Can” Mini session in a couple of weeks. I really hope I get a good turn out. I would love to give back to the community and be able to offer families memories that they will always remember at a super affordable price!