Pay What You Can Minis!

I had a super successful event where I allowed my precious clients to pay whatever they wanted or could and the photos all turned out so amazing!  So happy I could do that for everyone who has supported me.CAVERLY-20LOVELL-13MCAVOY-7

Happy June!


lifestyle june-5.JPGMy husband and I had an off day together.  We had a great family day and I decieded we should try to take a family photo in front of my favorite tree before the blossoms go away.  The struggle was too real so this is what I ended up getting.  Normally I would never send this type of shot off to a client but I know my limits with an over tired kid and I am my own client in this situation,  Either way, This is us at 2 years and 4 months.  Potty training and struggle bussing. 🙂