Steve + Jaxson

STEVE-12 copySTEVE-15 copySTEVE-23 copySTEVE-29 copySTEVE-32 copySTEVE1-4 copyThe coolest and most loving father-son duo next to my own fellas. When a dad wants birthday and 18 month photos done, you do it right and give them some memorable moments like these.


Kendall is ONE!

This little girl loved my camera and was so easy to take pictures with!  Happiest Birthday to you, little girl!ONE_YEAR_-2ONE_YEAR_-3ONE_YEAR_-4ONE_YEAR_-5ONE_YEAR_-6ONE_YEAR_-7ONE_YEAR_

Parker Creek Sessions

PARKER-5 copyPARKER-11 copyPARKER-14 copyPARKER-19 copyPARKER-10coo

Parker and my son have been in the same daycare class since day 1 and I have loved watching them grow together.  Charlie calls him Parki.  Sweet Parker was fed up with the water and just wanted to go relax.  I really love how this gives an honest depiction of having a toddler in their 2’s.  I wouldn’t change these days for the world.