Meet the Nunnallys

They have been married for 55 years and met in their school days!  They were incredibly precious to work with and I adored getting to meet and talk to them.  I can only hope my husband and I get to celebrate that long together.  How wonderfully lucky are they to have each other?SNEEK3SNEEK4SNEEK2SNEEK1


Editing old photos

Lately I have come into my own with a new editing style that speaks to me on a new level.  I went through old photos and re-edited them to my new style.  I picked some of my favorites and I decided to share them!reedit-3reedit-2reedit-4 copyreedit-8reedit-9reedit-10

Pay What You Can Minis!

I had a super successful event where I allowed my precious clients to pay whatever they wanted or could and the photos all turned out so amazing!  So happy I could do that for everyone who has supported me.CAVERLY-20LOVELL-13MCAVOY-7