Editing old photos

Lately I have come into my own with a new editing style that speaks to me on a new level.  I went through old photos and re-edited them to my new style.  I picked some of my favorites and I decided to share them!reedit-3reedit-2reedit-4 copyreedit-8reedit-9reedit-10


Molly + Eric


This couple gave me my holy grail of portraits.  I couldn’t believe I captured these photos as I was taking them. Seriously, hands down my favorite session to date.

Parker Creek Sessions

PARKER-5 copyPARKER-11 copyPARKER-14 copyPARKER-19 copyPARKER-10coo

Parker and my son have been in the same daycare class since day 1 and I have loved watching them grow together.  Charlie calls him Parki.  Sweet Parker was fed up with the water and just wanted to go relax.  I really love how this gives an honest depiction of having a toddler in their 2’s.  I wouldn’t change these days for the world.